Je crois que c'est mon cours de RH qui me sape le moral. La prof est trop politiquement correct, ça me donne envie de gerber. De toute façon aujourd'hui j'étais effrayé, impossible de sortir un seul mot lors de notre étude de cas. Je perds confiance en moi...

Et voilà que je reçois la dernière news-letter de la fac sur ma boîte estudiantine. Extrait :

At around 2:10 a.m. on Friday, September 10, Ryerson's Security Service received a report of a suspicious male approaching female students in the residence courtyard near Church and Gould Sts. This suspect was handing out stickers with his name and phone numbers, and reportedly telling female students he was a personal trainer recruiting clients. Ryerson's Security Service has investigated and is as yet unable to confirm the legitimacy of the suspect's business. This person is still under investigation by Ryerson Security.

Community members are advised to avoid traveling alone in remote areas or after dark.  Ryerson's Walk Safe program operates 24 hours and can be reached at 416-979-5040.  Community members are further advised not to meet with, or go anywhere with this suspect, and not to give out any personal information to this suspect or any other person unknown to them.

The suspect is described as:

Dark complexion
Short stubbly hair (almost shaved)
6' to 6'2"
Muscular build
Neatly dressed with a beige jacket, blue jeans, and black shoes

Suspect was driving a green, four-door Chrysler Cirrus LXI

Any community member with information about this suspect is asked to call Ryerson Security. Community members are also asked to call Ryerson's Security Service immediately if this suspect or the car is seen on campus, or if any other suspicious person approaches them.

Si ça continue comme ça, une fois rentré je n'oserai même plus mettre un pied dans ma rue plutôt très animée !